Courageous Hearts (Plum Valley Cowboys Book 5)

Mr. Right wasn’t expecting Mx. Tall, Dark, and Beautiful.

BoBeing out and proud as a nonbinary person didn’t come easy, but I’ve finally found my place. I have an amazing work family at the cabaret bar where I perform, Chicago fits me better than my Texas hometown ever did, and I’m truly happy.
Especially once Jameson walks into my life. Our new bartender accepts me effortlessly for who I am, and the man is more than easy on the eyes. In fact, the way he looks out for me is giving me all sorts of ideas, even though those cuddles were purely platonic. Weren’t they?
But I have more on my mind than finding Mr. Right. My brother Diesel won’t stop hounding me, which means it’s time to face the very thing I’ve been avoiding for years.
I need to return to Plum Valley and confront my past.
JamesonI’ve never met anyone quite like Bo.
Every time they’re up on stage in their makeup and heels, I watch them. When that shy blush spreads over their cheeks off-stage, I stare. And when I find them crying in the storage room after a difficult conversation with their brother, I can’t help but soothe away their tears.
I always assumed I was only attracted to women, but suddenly, I’m questioning everything. Including my reaction to the sight of Bo in lingerie. I might have a lot to figure out, like whether or not Bo is interested in me. But I think it’s fairly safe to say…
I’m not as straight as I thought I was.

Courageous Hearts is an MX romance between a man and the enby he adores, with show tunes, love bites and lace, a pan-awakening, one jealousy-inducing bull ride, and a very HEA. It’s book 5 in the Plum Valley Cowboys series but can be read as a standalone.


Content Warning: This book contains homophobia, the misgendering and deadnaming of a main character, the mention of infertility struggles for a side character, and the mention of past parental abuse. Please take caution if this subject matter may be triggering for you.